The BNB Chain team will vote on further actions after the hack

The developers of BNB Chain (BSC) apologized to the community for the incident with the hacking of the BSC Token Hub bridge and announced a vote on further steps. This is stated in the blog.

According to the report, the team managed to neutralize the problem, although “it was not so easy”

“Currently, BNB Smart Chain has 26 active validators and a total of 44 in different time zones. This delayed the shutdown [of the network], but we were able to minimize losses.”

According to the developers, the exploit affected the internal cross-chain bridge of the ecosystem between the BNB Beacon Chain and BSC. In total, an unknown person withdrew 2 million BNB (about $569 million at the current exchange rate). Most of the funds remain under the control of the platform, the team clarified.

The BSC announced a vote to determine further actions. Among the questions:

should I freeze the withdrawn funds or not;

whether to use the Auto-Burn mechanism to cover BNB;

whether to announce a bounty program for $1 million for each significant bug detected;

whether to allocate a reward of up to 10% of the returned funds for the capture of hackers.

The voting function for validators will appear in the next few days as a result of the BNB Beacon Chain update.

“Looking at the bigger picture, we saw a series of attacks targeting vulnerabilities in cross-chain bridges. We will share details and conclusions on how to implement more advanced security measures to eliminate these problems,” the message says.

In addition, a new network management mechanism will appear to combat possible attacks and protect against them. The number of validators will increase “in the process of moving towards further decentralization,” the team said.

Recall that on October 6, the developers suspended the work of the BNB Chain against the background of the hacking of the BSC Token Hub bridge. Hackers managed to withdraw only $100 million from the stolen funds. Later, the network was restored.

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