The hacker agreed to return another $2.74 million to Transit Swap for a reward of $686,000

The decentralized cross-chain exchange Transit Swap, which was subjected to a hacker attack at the beginning of the month, reported that the hacker agreed to return 10,000 BNB ($2.74 million) to the victims of the exploit.

6,500 BNB ($1.79 million) has already been deposited to the platform’s wallet, PeckShield confirmed.

Transit Swap developers allowed the hacker to keep 2,500 BNB ($686,000) as a reward for the discovered vulnerability. According to Etherscan, on October 10, these funds entered the Tornado Cash cryptocurrency mixer, which had previously been sanctioned by the US Treasury.

If the remaining 3,500 BNB is returned, the exchange promises not to initiate criminal prosecution of the hacker.

Recall that on October 2, an unknown person took advantage of an error in the Transit Swap smart contract and stole $21 million of user funds.

After blockchain security researchers tracked down the hacker’s IP address, he returned 70% of the stolen amount.

On October 3, the attacker reimbursed the platform another 2,612 BNB (about $750,000). At the same time, he made 40 transfers of 100 BNB to Tornado Cash.